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Tango de Salón Part 1 and Tango de Salón Part 2 are now available for download per chapter
Tango de Fantasía, Milonga and Vals will follow in the next few days

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With our  instructional tango DVDs "Tango de Salón 1" and  "Tango de Salón 2"
you will learn the most important sequences that are danced in Tango Argentino.
Apart from the sequences, you will learn how to improvise, variations depending on the music,
and exercises as well as being made aware of the most common mistakes and other aspects.

Ricardo & Rotraut will familiarize (very) advanced tango dancers with more demanding sequences on the DVD, "Tango de Fantasía".

Apart from the Tango DVDs, we offer the DVD No. 4 "Milonga" and 5 "Vals", both with a running time of 90 minutes.



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